What is the CNC Machining Process?
Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Understanding how CNC machining works is important knowledge so that you can employ the process in your factory. Essentially, it is a manufacturing process that entails the use of pre-programmed software, which dictates the movement of tools and machinery in a factory.

CNC machining is used for a number of applications. It can control a range of complex machinery in factories. From mills and routers to grinders and lathes, a range of vital processes on factory floors involve the use of CNC machining.

CNC machining basically allows three-dimensional cutting tasks to be accomplished using a single set of commands.

CNC is a short-form of computer numerical control. The process is automated, based on the pre-programmed commands in the computer software controlling the hardware. This means that CNC machining is a lot faster than manual manufacturing, which requires additional commands via wheels, levers and buttons to control the process.

For someone who does not know about CNC machining, the system might look like a regular setup of components used in manufacturing processes. But the computer coding makes a huge difference in it performance.

Some Things to Know About CNC Machining

Upon activation, the CNC machining system makes the desired cuts, based on the software dictation. It sends a command to the corresponding machinery and tools on the factory floor, which perform the assigned tasks like an automated robot.

The code generator often assumes that the mechanisms in the whole process are perfect. It does not consider the possibility of errors, which can be more likely to happen whenever a CNC machine is tasked to cut in more than a single direction at the same time. The part program is a series of inputs, which outlines the placement of tools in the numerical control system.

Punch cards are used to input programs in a numerical control system. In contrast, CNC machining uses computer programs that are fed to the control unit via small keyboards. The programming is stored in the computer’s memory itself. Programmers write and edit the codes for CNC machining beforehand, based on the task required.

One of the best things about CNC machining is that it is not limited to perform a specific task. Depending on the changing needs, new prompts can be programmed that can enable the machinery to perform functions that are different from the previous ones.

Different Types of CNC Machines

There are several different types of machines used in CNC systems. Here are some of the most commonly used machines in a CNC machining system.

CNC Lathes

Lathe machines cut pieces in a circular direction using indexable tools. CNC technology allows the cuts used by lathes with high velocity and precision. CNC machining lathes can perform highly complex tasks that would not be possible with manual lathes.

CNC Mills

Based on letter and number-based prompts, CNC mills can run programs. The program employed for a CNC mill can be based on the generic G-code or another uniquely coded language developed by your manufacturing team. Basic CNC mills consist of a three axis system but modern mills can accommodate more axes.

Plasma Cutters

Plasma cutters are also widely used in CNC machining. These cutters use plasma torches to cut metallic materials with high precision and accuracy.

Final Thoughts

CNC machining can produce cuts at various angles on any manufacturing piece with great accuracy and within minutes. It can help speed up the manufacturing process, making it a lot more efficient and productive. For more information, feel free to contact us at JF Berns!


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