Quality Parts: 5 Benefits to your CNC Lathe Machines
Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Computer Numeric Controls or CNC have played a vital role is revitalizing the manufacturing industry by allowing traditional machines to be more precise and efficient at the same time.

The introduction of CNC in Lathe machines now means that strong and resilient materials like metal, wood etc. can be cut, shaped, drilled and formed into a variety of different shapes that have enormous applications in the industry.

The addition of computer controls means that the accuracy of the produced components in fitting in their respective places increases enormously.

However, a CNC lathe machine is only as good as the parts that go into it. Following are a few notable benefits of using high quality parts in your machines.

Prolonged mechanical life

Parts that are crafted with professionalism tend to be better at fitting into the desired place more accurately thus providing a boost to the mechanical life of the machine. Counterfeit or low quality parts usually deteriorate quite rapidly and with the management not expecting the outcomes.

They tend to give way damaging other parts in the aftermath. This means excessive damages and substantial repair costs, sometimes even replacement of the entire unit which can be a burden to the budget of the firm.

Reduced maintenance costs

High quality parts are usually provided with respective working guarantees and tend to last the defined period. This means that handlers and managements can rest assured that while periodic maintenances are carried out, the machines will require lesser specific efforts to keep them working in top notch condition. On the other hands faulty or low quality parts can be responsible for exactly the opposite.

Reliable and precise output

We opened our discussion by emphasizing how a machine relies on its parts for its overall functionalities. This is because the parts contribute a little at a time towards the efficiency of the machine as they determine the amount of precision that is derived from it.

For example, a low quality spindle liner is likely to be out of alignment due to low cost manufacturing. As a result the bars being produced will have variable diameters instead of the exact ones specified by the customer. This means an eventual loss of consumer trust as well as a drop in company revenues.

Efficient management of resources

With maintenance, repair and reverse logistics costs going down, a substantial chunk of money, time and human resource is being preserved by the company from simply using a high quality part and making a one-time investment that might be a little expensive but pays off its costs in the long run.

Also, the resources it helps save can be utilized in other areas improving the performance of other departments considerably.

Improved customer service

As we brushed upon it earlier, high quality parts mean accurate products for the consumer. This ultimately translates to enhanced customer trust in the products of the respective company meaning an increase in revenue from that client and others that he might speak to about you.

Bearing these advantages in mind it becomes quite important for manufacturing plants and their executives to take it upon themselves to invest in parts that offer reliability, productivity and resource saving opportunities while reducing the hassles that come with them.


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