How to Assess What Bar Feeder Fits Your Budget
Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Bar feeders are usually sold with a range of features, benefits and price tags which usually have certain purposes designed to fit certain industries. The top tier firms tend to offer an inexpensive, manageable and affordably priced set of both short loaders and bar feeders for 6-foot and 12-foot bar lengths. These provide an element of automation in machining at most of the common spindle speeds and feed rates, which usually stand similar for most industries. On the other hand we can definitely see that the market tends to offer even better and smarter solutions that tend to be even higher-performing bar feeders with an array of advanced technology integrated and a plethora of automatic features that make setups simpler, faster and easier and as a result make your life easier.

blogHow much one should invest then should be the second concern, although most companies would try to sell you the most advanced piece of equipment to gain a better mark up. One should always weigh out their requirements first and so be better prepared to suggest a counter. So being the chief concern one should always have a budget and requirement that fit on to each other as well as the usage one intends to get out of it. This stands true for all pieces of equipment not just bar feeders and bar supports. The ideal bar feeder in regards to one’s budget would be as follows:


The core purpose of any bar feeder would always be to load bar stock, but they vary in how consistently they can perform this task, this usually means that the main purpose would be precision in delivery. A sufficiently good bar feeder would usually have a solid track record of performance, which would easily be bragged about and one can definitely easily get a picture of what that specific bar feeder does that is so different. It incorporates the use of rugged, rigid materials and construction which tends to use less effort and less financially too.

Ease of use

The control system which is used for this task should at all times be intuitive, prompting and easy to read which ensures the efficiency of the raw material usage. Change over’s are quicker and usually much easier given that the bar feeder is sufficiently equipped with features that would adjust themselves like automatic adjustments and does not require a set of complex tools to change liners or pushers which quite realistically can become quite discombobulating.

Product Warranty

A manufacturer of quality equipment like a bar feeder would stand firmly behind their product usually offering strong warranties that extend to multiple countries and stretching over a period from 5 years to a maximum of almost two decades. They stand firmly behind their products and in most cases have a global support team to back up its promises which undoubtedly indicates that their warranty is a rather reliable one.

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