"Hi Nick,

Thank you for your quick response I really appreciate it. We are currently looking at budgetary items and if we decide to go with the Bar Champ, it will be decided in 3-6 months. Just an FYI... we purchase bar liners from you for our DMG/ MORI NLX2500, and we are very pleased with the quality and recommend your product to other people in the industry.

Thanks again"

Dan Hansen, General Manager - Superior Metal Products, Inc. 
"The manufacturer of our lathe recommended JF Berns liners and said they were the only way to go.  We ordered a liner system and it arrived in almost half the quoted lead time. Craftsmanship is excellent and far exceeds any other liners we have used.  We would not hesitate to tool up any of our turning centers with their products."

Zach Wagner - ZRTS, Noblesville, IN 
"Hi Jack, Thank you for getting back with me so quickly. Your customer service is #1!"

Thank you for your help in this,
Jodi - Municipal Tool
"Michael and Joe, I visited our client yesterday to look at the spindle extension. I just wanted to thank you for the super job and time delivery for this project. It all looks perfect and I will be installing it next week."

Best regards,
Paul Barone - Master CNC Service Engineer
"Heather, you really are FANTASTIC! Thanks. Best Regards"

Mike DiMarino - President
Linda Tool
"Jack, You are the bestest! Thanks"

Adrienne Toomey - Inside Sales Coordinator
"Your customer service (Nick) and engineering (Matt) could not have been better in assisting me with my last two customer orders. I look forward to working with JF Berns on spindle liner orders in the future."

Jim Brehm - Sales
Sussex Tool & Supply
"Hi Jack,Thanks for the email.I have requested a PO from my purchaser for two spindle liners that Nick quoted me.We’re going to try them out and see if they are up to our expectations.If everything is good, we’d buy for the rest of our diameters. I’ll keep you posted."

"Matt, Received our new draw tube yesterday…fit like a glove We could not ask for better support and service that we have had from JF Berns. Thanks!"

Brian Lusk - Machinist
2 Control Technologies
"Thank you to you and the JF Berns team for a most thorough and fascinating tour on Friday! We truly appreciated the time and care you took to describe the various processes involved in design and manufacturing at JF Berns. The students have commented to me that they left having a new perspective on the industry and all the opportunities that are there for them. I hope you will forward this to everyone who was so kind to be part of the tour. I was not able to get everyone's card and do not want to leave anyone out. With best regards, Sue."

Sue H. Dolan - Cooperative Education Coordinator
Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technologies
"Jack,  All the products I have purchased from JF Berns have been the best. In my past , I bought quite a few of your Liners. Now that I have changed shops, there is a lot of growth potential for more Liner purchases."

Benjamin Morse
Butler Bro
"I needed a part number to order for replacement O-rings for my spindle liners that goes on my Mori NTX1000. Heather got right back with me within the hour and took care of it. She was very helpful, thank you! I will only use JF Berns Spindle Liners."

Aaron River
"Margie, thank you!!!! This order was slightly hectic with several parties involved which is often results in miscommunications. I appreciated all of your help, my dear!!!!"

Yana Tyger
Bucci Industries
"I have had the pleasure of dealing with the JF Berns Company for over 30 years now... For the first decade as a customer and for the last two decades as a supplier. Joe Berns is one of my favorite family businesses in the entire Midwest...Their professionalism and integrity are Beyond reproach, and they are nothing but a sheer pleasure to deal with.I would hire highly recommended JF Berns as a strategic manufacturing partner to any company."

Greg Knox
Knox Machinery 
 “We have a 1.2500 Spindle Liner that you made for us 2 years or so ago, and it works great, we just need a duplicate for another machine”.

Matt Pedro
NMG Aerospace
"You guys have been great, providing super tubes in a timely manner. Have a great weekend."

Mike Kupstas - Applications Engineer
Moeller Aerospace 
"I just wanted to thank JF Berns (as a whole) and Rob Elmlinger. I have dealt with JF Berns multiple times over the years. You guys always pull me out of the fire and get me back running. All any of us have is our service to offer people and you guys are great at it!!! Thanks!!!"

Darin Atkinson
Atkinson International Inc. 
"We love the Bar Champs. We use them every day to chamfer heat treated steel without issue."

Ben Ladky - Assistant Plant Manager
Rolled Threads Unlimited, LLC
 "JF Berns is a great company to work with & with their continuing commitment to quality & communication, you simply can't go wrong! A highly recommended group of people to do business with."

Jeff Smith
AI Software
"Superior Bar Support, go ahead and use me for a reference. We are happy with our systems!"

Bruce Kelly
Imperial Punch & Manufacturing, Inc 
"I have been using JF Berns Liners for years. Great Service and Great Products....Keep it up!!!"

Bob Annati
Lindgren-Pitman, Inc.
"We will only buy JF Berns Spindle Liners. We tried plastic liners but they peel, melt and stick."

Bob Pickett
Lycro Products
"The Chamfer Machine is working like a Champ! We would like to order another one for our Connecticut location."

Jim Doolittle Jr.
Accro Met Inc.
"We have Been using JF Berns products for years, Quality Products that last!"

Okuma, USA / Okuma, Australia
"No problem man! Let me know what you come up with for some numbers. I’ve read very good reviews and heard good things about your liners so I’m excited to try and get some in here!"

Zachary P. Lathe
Dept. Team Lead Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc
"Thanks Nick for the quick response and detail. I need to get the ball rolling in this location. As you might expect, Eaton is huge which, unfortunately limits speed and flexibility. Appreciated!"

Jim M.
Eaton’s Industrial Sector



The J.F. Berns Company manufactures high quality CNC Lathe and Bar Feeding accessories to increase your machining productivity.  Products include spindle liners, bar chamfering machines, bar supports, spindle stops, draw tubes, draw bars, spindle extensions and special loaders and unloaders.



The manufacturer of our lathe recommended JF Berns liners and said they were the only way to go.  We ordered a liner system and it arrived in almost half the quoted lead time. Craftsmanship is excellent and far exceeds any other liners we have used.  We would not hesitate to tool up any of our turning centers with their products.

Zach Wagner /  ZRTS - Noblesville, IN



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