The Servo Auto Champ 2 is a cost effective method to chamfer large volumes of bars and requires no change parts. Just set it up for the desired size and push the bar to the stock stop. The bar is detected, clamped, PRECISION CHAMFERED and released automatically! Cycle times of just 4-8 seconds once the bar is detected at the material stop. The actual cycle time is dependent on material and depth of cut.

The JF Berns Company has over 25 years of chamfering experience with over 1,000 chamfering machines sold. The Servo Auto Champ 2 has the ability to chamfer a wide range of materials. Send us a sample and we can test cut your material at our facility.

Servo Auto Champ Chamfering Machine

Servo Auto Champ 2 Features:

  • Solid design, rugged construction for chatter free operation
  • In-line 4:1 planetary gearbox spindle
    • Taper roller bearings
  • Cat 40 taper style tool holder for repeatable concentric tool change
    • Not interchangeable with other manufacturer’s Cat 40 tooling
  • Standard 2HP spindle motor (optional 3HP)
  • Accurate ball screw servo drive
  • Yaskawa: Top quality / super reliable servo motor brand
  • Wide base, quality pre-loaded THK linear bearings/ blocks
  • Tooling containment feature
  • Standard carbide inserts (with multiple cutting edges) used for standard tooling
  • Adjustable part stop for longer tools (mechanical)
  • Adjustable bar stick-out position (programmable)
  • Narrow profile self-centering clamping (engineered just for this application)
  • No clamping change out parts required (no collets for standard bar diameter range)!
  • Always concentric clamping even if bar diameter varies
  • Improved chip management
  • Large chip chute
  • 7” TFT color touch screen
  • 20 recipe storage standard
  • Quick changeovers with teach function
  • Electronic hand wheel adjustment
  • Programmable spindle speed
  • Programmable feed speeds
  • Programmable depth of cut
  • Auto bar detect – no operator pushbutton or foot pedal to initiate cycle
  • Chamfer 30, 45, 60 and special angles available
  • Other available tools: Face, Face and Chamfer, Turn and Chamfer (up to 2.50” turn length), ID/OD/Face tube head, center drill, drill, radius and special designed profile tools.
  • Centerline height 41”
  • Optional equipment: Micro-drop mister, Auto Micro-drop mister, 3HP spindle motor, larger servo, 460V supply, Castors, 100 recipe storage, adjustable bar stand, Adjustable V-Channel lead in bracket, hanging chip bin.
  • Designed and manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio!
  • Quality manual, parts list, and support

Standard Equipment

  • Servo driven chamfer head
  • True in-line spindle with precision bearings
  • Easy and fast setup - teach function
  • Easy to adjust feed speed, rotation speed, depth of cut.
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Size recipe storage
  • On screen diagnostics
  • Cam action stop arm
  • T5069-30 chamfer tool - 30 degree
  • 3-Jaw chuck - no change parts!
  • 2HP, 3 phase motor
  • 230VAC (optional 460VAC)
  • Ball bearing ways
  • Bar support stand

Available Tooling

  • Chamfering at 30 deg (included)
  • Chamfering at 45, 60 or special angle
  • Turn and Chamfer (often used for collet feed systems)
  • ID/OD Tubing Chamfers
  • More.. see Tooling page

Stock Shapes

  • Round
  • Hex
  • Square
  • Others


  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Inconel
  • Others

Diameter Range

0.100 - 3.0"

CLICK HERE  to see some examples of bars chamfered/turned/faced/center drilled with our products.

“It is super easy to set-up and operate, wish we made this purchase sooner.”
” Machine is bad ass!  We are rolling full steam ahead.”

Servo Auto Champ 2 / Quotes From Customers
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Thank you to you and the JF Berns team for a most thorough and fascinating tour on Friday! We truly appreciated the time and care you took to describe the various processes involved in design and manufacturing at JF Berns. The students have commented to me that they left having a new perspective on the industry and all the opportunities that are there for them. I hope you will forward this to everyone who was so kind to be part of the tour. I was not able to get everyone's card and do not want to leave anyone out. With best regards, Sue.

Sue H. Dolan, Cooperative Education Coordinator / Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technologies



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